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Listed on Tehran OTC market, Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Group (SEMEGA) is the first specialized tourism holding company in Iran. SEMEGA is a parent company implementing the projects of Tourism Financial Group (TFG) involved in the Iranian tourism and hospitality industry. SEMEGA's 2025 Vision involves becoming the symbol of the Iranian tourism development and a top three tourism company in the Middle East. In this regard, SEMEGA has outlined its mission of providing services in various sectors of the tourism development chain, inclusively covering the identification, analysis and selection of investment opportunities, building partnerships, investing, attracting domestic and international investor contributions to key tourism investment opportunities, restoration and reconstruction of monuments, branding, and the operation and management of tourism complexes. The portfolio of SEMEGA projects include hotels, service/recreational complexes, residential/restaurant complexes, tourist complexes, and additional services provided by tourism start-ups. Moreover, SEMEGA makes investments in the Iranian capital market.



CEO’s message

At a time, in which countries are struggling to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and are in the process of forming global development plans following 2015, the International organizations attempt to introduce the culture as a stimulation of sustainable human resource development for future development targets and goals and consider it as the newest and strongest path towards development through a perspective focused on the economy and the culture. This perspective reminds us that economy is part of the culture. The creative and cultural economy has become a huge revolutionary power in today's world which owns the fastest growth in terms of income generating, job creation and export promotion in the areas of natural and cultural heritage, tourism, handicrafts, books and magazines, media, design and creative services and entertainment and sports. Meanwhile, in comparison to the world countries, Iran has many capacities in economy and culture. These capacities are in the areas of cultural heritage, tourism and creative industries, and Iran is among the most authentic countries with these potentials. The Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Group of Iran (Semega), which is the first public tourism holding company in the country, by creating the appropriate infrastructure and strategic planning for developing the tourism industry, has been able to provide an appropriate ground for the creation and development of a valuable chain for creating wealth for shareholders. The main strategy of the company is based on three areas of: 1- Pay attention to the value chain of the tourism industry and design a business network; 2- Focus on the design and implementation of operational and income generating business models at holding level; 3- Support business models designed with a creative economy approach and networking with focus on knowledge-based and start-up companies.

SEMEGA Organizational Positions

Tourism Financial Group (TFG)

The TFG consists of five main holdings and several subsidiaries involved in monetary and finance, tourism, industries and mining, oil, gas and energy, roads, and construction sectors. Each holding has been committed to operationalizing a portion of macro-scale projects under a specific strategic perspective document. By substantial investments in the Iranian tourism industry, TFG has been promoting the tourism indicators and optimizing travel services for both domestic and foreign tourists. The TFG’s vision and mission emphasize that efforts should be made to become the largest private target for foreign investments and a top popular brand in Iran. This will serve to achieve the resistance economy policies relying on endogenous and outsourcing strategies, expanding the investment volume in infrastructure projects, entrepreneurship and job creation for more than 20,000 young, skilled workers.

SEMEGA subsidiaries

Company Name: Tourism Bank

Date of Establishment: January 27, 2011

Scope of activity: Economic and banking activities

Site Address: http://www.tourismbank.ir/tab-52/default.aspx

Company Name: Negin Economic Iranian Tourism (NEIT)

Date of Establishment: November 30, 2010

Scope of activity: Economic activities, export/import, and stock trading

Site Address: ----

Company Name: Negin Ofogh Niayesh

Date of Establishment: October 23, 2013

Scope of activity: Investment activities related to projects and plans

Site Address: ----

Company Name: Aria Ziggurat Tourism Development Co.

Date of Establishment: January 4, 2010

Scope of activity: Economic activities, export/import, partnership and investment in tourism

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Tandis Tejarat Bakhtar

Date of Establishment: June 26, 2011

Scope of activity: Economic activities, export/import, stock trading and contracting

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Development of Pars Ziggurat welfare service complexes

Date of Establishment: October 10, 2009

Scope of activity: Economic activities, export/import, partnership and investment in tourism

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Shade Leasing Co.

Date of Establishment: October 4, 2000

Scope of activity: All economic activities

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Talashgaran Andishe Karad

Date of Establishment: July 6, 2011

Scope of activity: Educational and research activities in the tourism industry

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Iran Tourism Information Technology Development

Date of Establishment: January 13, 2008

Scope of activity: Computer systems and networks

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Milad Aria Ziggurat International Trading Co.

Date of Establishment: October 27, 2009

Scope of activity: Economic activities, export/import, and stock trading

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Pars Kimia Construction Development Services

Date of Establishment: February 2, 2010

Scope of activity: Investment activities related to projects and plans

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Iranian Tourism Club

Date of Establishment: July 31, 2010

Scope of activity: Tourism services

Site Address: ---

Company Name: Mehr-o-Maah Investment

Date of Establishment: March 21, 2017

Scope of activity: Perform all investment activities related to projects

Site Address: ---

Members of the Board of Directors

Mehdi Jahangiri Kohshahi

Title: SEMEGA Chairman of the Board

Education: PhD of Economics

Representative of:


Head of Tourism Financial Group

Vice Chairman of Tehran Chamber of Commerce

Tourism Bank Chairman of the Board

Vice Chairman of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

CEO of Tourism Development Co.

Seyyed Bahaoddin Hosseini Hashemi

Title: SEMEGA Vice Chairman of the Board

Education: Master of Executive Management

Representative of:


CEO of Sarmayeh Bank

CEO of Tat Bank

CEO of Bank Saderat Iran

Esfandiar Heydari pour

Title: SEMEGA CEO and Board Member

Education: PHD in Urban Developmen

Representative of Patin Pardis International Company


Operational Manger of the Zayandeh Rood Civil

Mayor of Chadegan (Isfahan)

Director General of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari)

Chief of Cultural Heritage Organization, Handicrafts and tourism (Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari)

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism (Isfahan)

The most effective member of the global registration records for the Chehel Sotoon Garden and the Isfahan Mosque in the UNESCO world list.

Head of Country Handicrafts Department

CEO of Qeshm Free Zone

Executive Advisor of the free trade zones-industrial and special economic zones

Chief of Specialist Working Group in Cultural Heritage and Tourism

CEO and board member of Pars Kimia Building services development

Ali Bajelan

Board Member at SEMEGA

Education: Bachelor of Accounting

Representative of Kish Sunrise Pearl Company


Finance and Investment Director of the Tourism Financial Group

Member of the Board Directors in the Negin Iranians Economic Tourism.

Advisor to CEO in Finance Tourism Bank.

CEO Financial advisor in Tourism Bank

Manager and Management Committee Member of The backup service for the Modern Economy Bank

Financial Director in the Tourism Bank

Chairman of the board in the Nemad Afzoon Pasargad

Project Manager in the Tourism Bank

Ramin Edraki

Board Member at SEMEGA

Education: Bachelor of Management

به نمایندگی از: شرکت خدمات گردشگری نارپ ایرانیان


Tourism Bank Advisor

Deputy of Human Resources and Support, Tourism Bank

Deputy of Organizational Excellence and Planning, SEMEGA

CEO and Board Member, Tourism Information Technology Co.

Social responsibility

No public service were found.

Certificates and honors