Ongoing Projects

Design and development Office, commercial, residential NEGIN OFOGH NIAYESH PROJECT

Project Description

this project is located on an area of approximately 15,796 square meters in Tehran"s urban area, adjacent to Niayeh highway. The gross base of the entire project is about 293,762 square meters.

Project Features

Project Brochure

Design and development of Sirjan Residential & Commercial Complex

The project is built in 5 blocks from A to E. Block A is for the hotel and four other office and commercial blocks.

Sirjan Hotel,Residential and Commercial Complex in Kerman Province (Sirjan City) on a land of 35,000 square meters with 66,000 square meters of infrastructure.

Finished Projects

Investment, operation and construction of Imam Khomeini International Airport hotels

Important actions taken

·Contracts with 24 international airlines from 28 companies operating in Iranian

airspace to accommodate flight and passenger staff.

·Contracts with 94 agencies in Iran to accommodate travelers.

·Launching a city tour of travelers for groups flying in the hotel.

·Attend major events such as commemorating World Tourism Day, the Iran-Italy

Chamber of Commerce conference, France"s National Day, and winning the country

Future goals and plans


training programs for hotel staff supervised by the French Accor Group to

provide better services.

· New

contracts with airlines and travel agencies.


Increase occupancy at both Ibis and Novotel hotels through internal and

external marketing and advertising in collaboration with Akor Group.


Implement an advertising campaign with a better hotel identification approach

to target customers internally and externally.